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Law firms are no strangers to technological advances. When the Internet was first introduced, lawyers were quick to embrace it and use it as a tool for more efficiently doing their jobs. Nowadays, law firms have some of the most innovative technologies at their disposal. Artificial Intelligence is one such technology that has been making waves in recent years — how can law firms benefit from AI?

A Comprehensive Tool for Routine Tasks

Most law firms rely on paralegals to assist with routine tasks such as organizing documents, answering telephone calls and emails, etc. Law firms that use AI will be able to automate these processes using software programs that can communicate with outside sources to find information quickly. AI software can also be used in law firms when drafting motions, complaints, briefs, etc., by automatically looking over the past cases or laws to determine what kind of text would work best within any given situation. Lawyers are then free to focus their time on more important matters rather than mundane things like this.

More Time Analyzing Cases

Not only does AI help when it comes to drafting documents, but when used correctly in conjunction with a lawyer, AI can help when it comes to analyzing cases. AI is capable of pulling data from various sources and looking that information over to determine what kind of case you have on your hands. This frees up lawyers who might not otherwise be able to do this part of the job, leaving them free to focus on strategic planning instead.

Automating the Contact Process

Just like doctors today use robots to assist them with routine tasks such as surgery, law firms are beginning to use AI for their purposes (i.e., scheduling appointments). Usually, these kinds of tasks are completed by secretaries or legal assistants — however, they usually need to be directed by lawyers to do so. Using AI, however, eliminates this process, allowing for more time spent on strategic planning and focusing on the work.

In conclusion, AI has become a powerful tool that can be utilized by law firms to make their daily work lives easier. Using AI, lawyers can spend more time focusing on strategic planning and less time doing routine tasks.

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