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Whether you are looking to save money on your next grocery shopping trip or want to find the best deals for an upcoming vacation, plenty of apps can help. This article will outline ten different Apps that can help you save money and time!

Best Apps for Saving Money


If you are looking for a way to track your budget, look no further than Mint. This free App is made by Intuit and tracks all of your accounts in one place. You can easily see where your money is going through interactive charts that show spending habits over time or view transactions on the go via their mobile App.

Money Tracker Pro

This personal finance manager allows users to keep track of income/expenses, create budgets with alerts sent when they approach their monthly limit, search transaction details at any date range, generate detailed reports based on user inputted filters, including expenses types or dates ranges, etc. These details can be saved for future reference without having access to the cloud server to be used offline. Money Tracker Pro is an excellent tool for those looking to track their monthly budget.


This App is perfect for those who want to start investing but are scared of the process. Acorns connect your debit or credit card with their network and automatically rounds up all charges on multiple cards to save money without you having to think about it. You can choose how much you would like them to invest each time they round up, whether $0.25, $0.50, etc. This allows users to create a goal fund that will enable users to achieve their financial goals by saving small amounts at regular intervals over an extended period instead of putting away large sums once every few months or years.


Wally is an app that automatically scans receipts and records items for later reference. When you need to file your taxes, the App will organize all of your purchases, so it’s easier than ever before! The free version gives users access to over 20 million included products with updates every day. In contrast, the premium versions offer unlimited product images/descriptions, custom receipt designs, automatic organization by category or department in stores like Target or Costco.


This is an excellent App for those who want to track their budget but aren’t interested in Mint’s automated tools. You Need A Budget (YNAB) allows users to create budgets and save money without having access to your bank account, making it perfect if you don’t trust yourself with keeping track of all spending online or on an app!

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